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  • Soybean futures - 362.96 USD/t
  • Raw-sugar futures - 313.71 USD/t
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  • Raw silk - 68.66 USD/kg
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Men's shoes

Type of delivery: EXW, FCA, CFR, CIF

Type of packaging: Box

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«CLASICA SHOES INTERNATIONAL» China-Uzbekistan (Andijan). Under the data of the brand offers a wide selection of men's shoes made of genuine leather, suede, Nubuck and other artificial leather, used in the manufacture of footwear.
Official brand positioning «KFK» in the market of Uzbekistan started in 2010, but the enterprise itself conducts its production activities since 1996. Currently, the company employs more than 200 employees of various specialization and production capacity of the factory is 1000-2000 pairs per day.
In 216 samples currently produced demi-season (spring and autumn) the collection of 153 samples of the winter collection. Summer collection is 300 samples shoes / moccasins, slippers 80 species and 70 types of sandals.
The company team in the face of designers, fashion designers, engineers and craftsmen-shoemakers worked tirelessly to create a new line of patterns of seasonal collections, which consequently causes each expert to raise awareness of current trends taking place in the global footwear industry. Also, senior managers and senior management in the face of the founders participate in the annual international exhibitions taking place in the developed countries of Europe and Asia.
The main objective of promoting the brand «KFK-SHOES COLLECTION», both in the domestic and foreign markets to provide the end consumer quality, but at the same time available in the price range of shoes from high quality materials. This important component is to provide quality assurance and the final consumer, and all customers and retail outlets.
Our team invites all interested persons to cooperation and joint development of the market in the face of strong competition in the industry of shoes!
Be patriots of their country and try to maintain in the first domestic manufacturer!

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100% prepayment

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WARNING: MFERIT do not responsible for the quality of the goods and other commercial information provided.

Classica shoes international

Founded in:
2010 году

Responds in:
98% cases

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A key task of "Uztadbirkoreksport" is to expand the country's export potential through comprehensive support of businesses involved in export activities, thus increasing the competitiveness of the products and developing the business environment.

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