• Cotton - 81.35 cent/lb.
  • Cotton - 72.26 cent/lb.
  • Wheat - 158.3 USD/t
  • Wheat (Russia) - 182 USD/t
  • Wheat (Kazakhstan) - 185.5 USD/t
  • Soybean futures - 394.5 USD/t
  • Cotton yarn Ne 20/1 - 2.45 USD/kg
  • Cotton yarn Ne 30/1 - 2.76 USD/kg
  • Oil WTI - 51.07 USD/barrel
  • Oil Brent - 53.41 USD/barrel
  • Natural gas (ICE) - 121 USD/thousand m3
  • Natural gas (Spot) - 229.2 USD/thousand m3
  • Gold - 1215 USD /troy ounces
  • Silver - 17.02 USD /troy ounces
  • Copper - 5721 USD/t
  • Lead - 2304 USD/t
  • Zinc - 2734 USD/t
  • Wolfram - 25.65 USD/kg
  • Molybdenum - 17.55 USD/kg
  • Uranium - U308 - 21.75 USD/lb.
  • Uranium - U308 - 30 USD/lb.
  • MAP - 315 USD/t
  • Urea - 237.5 USD/t
  • Ammonium nitrate - 192.5 USD/t
  • Euro - 1.063 USD
  • Yen - 114.65 USD
  • Pound sterling - 1.2257 USD



Question: What is UzTrade?

Answer: UzTrade - a system that provides a convenient platform for the interaction of exporting producers from foreign trade companies and customers, enabling negotiation and conclusion of transactions in real time.

Question: What do I need to register for e-trading platform?

Answer: In order to participate in the electronic trading platform you need to complete the registration process. Available registration as a seller and buyer.

Question: How much does the registration and participation in the trading platform?

Answer: Registration and participation in the free trade area.

Question: Does the installation require any additional software to work on the trading floor?

Answer: There is no additional software to participate is required.

How can I get more information on the use of the trading platform?
A: The seller can get more information here: User manual for sellers.
Question: And how are you going to sell my product?

As with any other - with the help of his offer to your potential customers.

Question: How is shipping to customers?

Answer: Shipment takes place in exactly the same way as any other your shipment, with the only change details in the documents between the parties, which indicate that the shipment takes place through the area UzTrade.

Question: Guarantee on liabilities to customers on whom?

Answer: The consumer of your product or service is your direct counterparty. Accordingly, all guarantees and commitments to supply you agree and sign together. You get as a supplier of 100% prepayment or the other under the contract.

Please send your questions via the contact / feedback.

But better not to waste time on questions, and start the registration process

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A key task of "Uztadbirkoreksport" is to expand the country's export potential through comprehensive support of businesses involved in export activities, thus increasing the competitiveness of the products and developing the business environment.

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