• Cotton - 88.5 cent/lb.
  • Cotton - 79.88 cent/lb.
  • Wheat - 190.83 USD/t
  • Wheat (Russia) - 227 USD/t
  • Wheat (Kazakhstan) - 172.5 USD/t
  • Soybean futures - 320.94 USD/t
  • Raw-sugar futures - 264.55 USD/t
  • Cotton yarn Ne 20/1 - 2.56 USD/kg
  • Cotton yarn Ne 30/1 - 2.89 USD/kg
  • Raw silk - 70.5 USD/kg
  • Oil WTI - 68.76 USD/barrel
  • Oil Brent - 72.56 USD/barrel
  • Natural gas (ICE) - 107.09 USD/thousand m3
  • Natural gas (Spot) - 270.07 USD/thousand m3
  • Gold - 1267.3 USD /troy ounces
  • Silver - 16.3 USD /troy ounces
  • Copper - 6783 USD/t
  • Lead - 2414 USD/t
  • Zinc - 2954 USD/t
  • Wolfram - 39.5 USD/kg
  • Molybdenum - 27.18 USD/kg
  • Uranium - U308 - 23 USD/lb.
  • Uranium - U308 - 34 USD/lb.
  • Re-bar - 558 USD/t
  • Re-bar - 570 USD/t
  • MAP - 397.5 USD/t
  • Urea - 227.5 USD/t
  • Ammonium nitrate - 162.5 USD/t
  • Euro - 1.1702 USD
  • Yen - 109.76 USD
  • Pound sterling - 1.3274 USD
  • Rouble - 62.74 USD
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General provisions
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Information from users
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TradeUzbekistan.com portal also stores and uses data that is automatically transmitted in the process of viewing ad units and when you visit pages on TradeUzbekistan.com portal:
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How we use the collected data
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· Identification of the parties in the framework of agreements and contracts with the Portal
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· Improving the quality of service, ease of use, the development of new services
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Publicly available information
It is important to remember that all public data can be indexed by search engines. We provide a variety of tools to how to place the content on the network, and remove it.

How to find and change your personal data
To do this at your disposal there is a handy tool called the "Cabinet" in which the service is to manage their data.
ID number can not be edited.

The information portal provides to third parties
The portal user has the right to transfer personal information to third parties only if:
· User consented.
· The transfer is necessary in the framework of the user use a particular service or for the provision of services to the user
· This transfer takes place within the framework of a sale or other transfer of the business (in whole or in part), and the acquirer to assume all the obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy with respect to personal information received
· In order to ensure protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Portal or third parties in cases where the user violates Terms of portal services.

Data protection
We are doing everything possible to protect a portal TradeUzbekistan.com and our users from unauthorized attempts to access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of data stored by us.

Privacy Policy may change. However, we will never limit the rights of users without their explicit consent. All updates privacy policy reflected on this page, in case of significant changes, we will notify by e-mail provided during registration.

Questions and suggestions
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