• Cotton - 81.35 cent/lb.
  • Cotton - 72.26 cent/lb.
  • Wheat - 158.3 USD/t
  • Wheat (Russia) - 182 USD/t
  • Wheat (Kazakhstan) - 185.5 USD/t
  • Soybean futures - 394.5 USD/t
  • Cotton yarn Ne 20/1 - 2.45 USD/kg
  • Cotton yarn Ne 30/1 - 2.76 USD/kg
  • Oil WTI - 51.07 USD/barrel
  • Oil Brent - 53.41 USD/barrel
  • Natural gas (ICE) - 121 USD/thousand m3
  • Natural gas (Spot) - 229.2 USD/thousand m3
  • Gold - 1215 USD /troy ounces
  • Silver - 17.02 USD /troy ounces
  • Copper - 5721 USD/t
  • Lead - 2304 USD/t
  • Zinc - 2734 USD/t
  • Wolfram - 25.65 USD/kg
  • Molybdenum - 17.55 USD/kg
  • Uranium - U308 - 21.75 USD/lb.
  • Uranium - U308 - 30 USD/lb.
  • MAP - 315 USD/t
  • Urea - 237.5 USD/t
  • Ammonium nitrate - 192.5 USD/t
  • Euro - 1.063 USD
  • Yen - 114.65 USD
  • Pound sterling - 1.2257 USD
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Publishing Rule

Internet resource TradeUzbekistan.com, hereinafter referred to as - the portal, is a trading platform for manufacturers, online stores, as well as for companies and individual entrepreneurs engaged in trade.
  First of all, each time placing the material, you should be guided by the theme of the sections available in the catalog: agriculture, automobiles and trucks, electronics, etc.
- The official languages ​​of the portal - Russian, English and Chinese
- Allowed the writing of the English language when quoting or if the translation

- Accommodation of all types of advertising
- Linking
- Placement of false information about the company and products.
- Statements in offensive sides (organizations, people, religions, etc.)
- Display the contact information is the relevant section (links, etc.)
- Appeals to religious, ethnic, sexual, gender and other forms of discrimination.
- Statements of extremist nature, as well as calling for the violation of the law and illegal actions.
- Contents profanity.
- Placing pornographic materials.
- Spelling errors, as well as specially distorted spelling.

Adding goods and services

   Title product or service, the main purpose - to attract customers' attention and encourage
   read the main text.
- Must meet content and give an idea of ​​whom it is addressed to the
- Do not have to have a dedicated and custom signs
- The title should be informative and contain the name of product or service
- Avoid complex formulations, which may not be understood by all.
  Product description is an integral part of the goods in the map
- Compulsory attendance as a full description and a brief description of the goods
- Text descriptions must conform to the general rule placement portal materials
  Photo (image) a mandatory element of the goods item card
- High-quality photos will attract more buyers
- The image must match this product
  The price of goods or services
- It must be true, and to be relevant at the moment
- It is not allowed any false prices to attract attention
 General provisions

- Each publication are approved by the moderator
- The number of possible addition of material depends on the chosen user package
- Infringement of publication rules may be grounds for removal of material. Just Portal reserves the right to change the title or content of the material without the consent of the author of the text

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A key task of "Uztadbirkoreksport" is to expand the country's export potential through comprehensive support of businesses involved in export activities, thus increasing the competitiveness of the products and developing the business environment.

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