• Cotton - 88.5 cent/lb.
  • Cotton - 79.88 cent/lb.
  • Wheat - 190.83 USD/t
  • Wheat (Russia) - 227 USD/t
  • Wheat (Kazakhstan) - 172.5 USD/t
  • Soybean futures - 320.94 USD/t
  • Raw-sugar futures - 264.55 USD/t
  • Cotton yarn Ne 20/1 - 2.56 USD/kg
  • Cotton yarn Ne 30/1 - 2.89 USD/kg
  • Raw silk - 70.5 USD/kg
  • Oil WTI - 68.76 USD/barrel
  • Oil Brent - 72.56 USD/barrel
  • Natural gas (ICE) - 107.09 USD/thousand m3
  • Natural gas (Spot) - 270.07 USD/thousand m3
  • Gold - 1267.3 USD /troy ounces
  • Silver - 16.3 USD /troy ounces
  • Copper - 6783 USD/t
  • Lead - 2414 USD/t
  • Zinc - 2954 USD/t
  • Wolfram - 39.5 USD/kg
  • Molybdenum - 27.18 USD/kg
  • Uranium - U308 - 23 USD/lb.
  • Uranium - U308 - 34 USD/lb.
  • Re-bar - 558 USD/t
  • Re-bar - 570 USD/t
  • MAP - 397.5 USD/t
  • Urea - 227.5 USD/t
  • Ammonium nitrate - 162.5 USD/t
  • Euro - 1.1702 USD
  • Yen - 109.76 USD
  • Pound sterling - 1.3274 USD
  • Rouble - 62.74 USD
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Logistics companies

Logistics companies


TransAsia - provider of international freight forwarding and logistics services. Today TransAsia represented own companies: LLC "TransAsia-Rus" (Russia), Representative Transasia Logistics LTD (Uzbekistan), LLP "TransAsia Systems KZ" (Kazakhstan), LLC "ElTransaziya Logistik '(Kyrgyzstan), Transasia Logistics China (China) and a network of 32 world-renowned agents worldwide. The company is focused on active service in Russia, Kazakhstan, the growing foreign trade, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, South-East Asia and Europe, both among themselves and with other foreign countries.

"Interlink Global services" is a member of the largest international associations of carriers WCA and has the ability to transport goods around the world by sea, air, rail and road transport. Qualitatively, a high level of services allows the company to offer customers a complete solution in the field of logistics worldwide.


"Kreiss" is one of the largest logistics service provider in Europe. The company has a long-term cooperation with global companies in Russia, the EU and the CIS countries. The company has the experience over 20 years in the field of logistics, providing the best service to its customers through the successful introduction of a quality management system in accordance CO standard LVS EN ISO 9001: 2008.

 "DHL" - an organization whose activities are express delivery worldwide, cargo planes, trucks, ships and by rail; warehousing services, beyond just storage, which include everything from packaging to repair; international delivery mail; customized and specialized service.

 Forwarding external economic joint venture in the form of a limited liability company "Uzvneshtrans" is one of the leading freight forwarding industry of Uzbekistan.

 The company "Hanjin Shipping" - the largest in Korea and one of the top 10 best shipping companies in the world, providing about 60 linear and tramp shipping all over the world, while transporting more than 100 million tons of cargo annually.

Joint Stock Company «O`rta Osiyo Trans» leading road carrier in Uzbekistan, is one of the largest freight forwarders in the Central Asian region, was established in 1992 under the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The company's main activity is the transportation of export and import cargo to / from many (e) country (s) of the world: in the direction of Turkey, Bulgaria, Iran, as well as the CIS countries - Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

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«Uzsanoatexport» JSC

It is specialized in exporting the chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and construction materials.

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