• Cotton - 99.95 cent/lb.
  • Cotton - 93.3 cent/lb.
  • Wheat - 192.24 USD/t
  • Wheat (Russia) - 211 USD/t
  • Wheat (Kazakhstan) - 172.5 USD/t
  • Soybean futures - 374.8 USD/t
  • Raw-sugar futures - 276.02 USD/t
  • Cotton yarn Ne 20/1 - 2.56 USD/kg
  • Cotton yarn Ne 30/1 - 2.89 USD/kg
  • Raw silk - 70.91 USD/kg
  • Oil WTI - 65.81 USD/barrel
  • Oil Brent - 74.48 USD/barrel
  • Natural gas (ICE) - 108.52 USD/thousand m3
  • Natural gas (Spot) - 273.1 USD/thousand m3
  • Gold - 1295.6 USD /troy ounces
  • Silver - 16.35 USD /troy ounces
  • Copper - 6814 USD/t
  • Lead - 2430 USD/t
  • Zinc - 3089 USD/t
  • Wolfram - 40.15 USD/kg
  • Molybdenum - 28.15 USD/kg
  • Uranium - U308 - 22.85 USD/lb.
  • Uranium - U308 - 34 USD/lb.
  • Re-bar - 546.5 USD/t
  • Re-bar - 512.5 USD/t
  • MAP - 342.5 USD/t
  • Urea - 275 USD/t
  • Ammonium nitrate - 236.5 USD/t
  • Euro - 1.1656 USD
  • Yen - 114.08 USD
  • Pound sterling - 1.3057 USD
  • Rouble - 58.18 USD
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Foreign Trade Companies


JSC «Uztadbirkoreksport»

In order to eliminate duplication, further optimize the structure and improve the efficiency of ministries and departments, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (number 2463 dated December 31, 2015) established a foreign trade company JSC "Uztadbirkoreksport" on the basis of the abolished JSC"Uzinterimpeks", "Uzmarkazimpeks" and SFTC " Uztadbirkoreksport ".

To date, the main activity of JSC "Uztadbirkoreksport" lies in the following areas:

Exports of fruits and vegetables, agricultural products, as well as small private business products and other products;

Providing marketing, information and consulting services to small businesses and private entrepreneurship, the development of effective schemes of financing of export transactions.

Organization of imports of high-tech and high-quality equipment, spare parts, components and raw materials that are not produced in Uzbekistan, for their use in agriculture and other sectors of our economy.

Participation in international exhibitions and fairs in order to familiarize the foreign partners to domestic products, expand markets and establish business contacts.

A key goal of "Uztadbirkoreksport" is to increase the export potential of the country through a comprehensive Support businesses involved in export activities, thus increasing the competitiveness of the products and developing the business environment in general.


 JSC «Uzsanoateksport»

JSC "Uzsanoateksport" created according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №2463 from 31.12.2015 "On measures to further optimize the structure and improve the efficiency of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan" by the reorganization of JSC "Markazsanoatexport" and JSC "Uzprommashimpeks". The main function of the company is to promote the export of products of national production in the following areas:

- Chemical and petrochemical industry;

- Mechanical engineering and metallurgy:

- Construction Materials;

- Agricultural products and others;

One of the key strategies of the company is to focus on the best achievements of Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, improve the export potential of the country, expanding the geography of exports, and implementation of investment projects on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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«Uzsanoatexport» JSC

It is specialized in exporting the chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and construction materials.

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JSC "UZTRADE" is interested in developing new areas of cooperation using modern methods and principles of doing business and is ready to consider your proposals and discuss issues of mutually beneficial cooperation.

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